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Why The Excuse ‘Boys will be boys’ Won’t Hold Anymore

Published in Manila Bulletin

When we trivialize sexist behavior with the “boys will be boys” excuse, we tell men they’re not accountable for anything. In fact, we’re telling them they’re expected to act like that. And when we excuse such sexist behavior, we basically tell girls to tolerate and keep quiet. We tell girls to not make a big deal out of it because boys are really like “that”. At least that’s what I got wired into thinking: It was nothing, just harmless boy behavior. Continue reading 

Period Talk: Believing the Hype of Menstrual Cups

Published in Manila Bulletin

Almost every woman who’s ever tried using menstrual cups swears by it. They shush away suggestions of returning to tampons or using sanitary pads again, and they look true to the part of happy, dancing menstruating women we all see on television. Continue reading 

The Torture of Revenge Porn

Published in Manila Bulletin

How do we even stop and fight back against this modern sex crime when very little amount of laws protect us from it? How does a victim fight back when they’re experiencing public shame, humiliation, and degradation all at the same time? Continue reading 

She’s Retokada, So What?: On Cosmetic Surgery Shaming

Published in Manila Bulletin
Wanting to enhance your looks and going through cosmetic surgery to fulfill this desire doesn’t necessarily mean that a person isn’t content with her looks. It isn’t always rooted in insecurity. Self-love comes in all forms, and if she finds happiness in transformation, then who are we to judge? Continue reading 

Profiles and Cover Stories 

Creativity In The New Normal

Cover story for ESCAPE Magazine Quarantine Issue, April 2020

People adapt to difficult situations differently. While there is nothing wrong with using this time for much-needed rest and relaxation, for some, the only way to survive this prolonged isolation is to continue creating. Continue reading 

New Beginnings with Kiana V.

Cover story for ESCAPE Magazine, January 2020

For singer-songwriter Kiana Valenciano, the new year is more about nurturing, rather than changing. While she has big plans under her sleeves, particularly flying to the United States to chase a lifelong dream, 2020 is not about creating a new Kiana. It’s continuously discovering, caring, and loving herself, something she finally learned to do the past year.  Continue reading 

Embracing Morena Skin
with Nadine Lustre

Profile Feature on Nadine Lustre for Meg Magazine, 2018

In a society that thinks that ‘the fairer the better’, it’s a challenge to accept and love the skin you were born in. And with this problematic narrative, it’s almost as if we were taught to hate how we look.  Continue reading 

The Mysterious Minds
Behind 8-bitfiction

 Profile Feature on artists 8-bitfiction for Manila Bulletin, 2017

Mush, smut and sadness: three words that describe 8-bitfiction, a daily art project that has the coolest 8-bit aesthetic in the middle of it all.  Continue reading 