Tender Corner is a personal project that was born out of great loneliness and prolonged isolation. This newsletter started as an attempt to make sense of what I’m feeling and thinking in a time that felt so uncertain.  It includes confessional essays and errant observations, and arrives once a month to my subscribers’ inboxes. Writing is therapeutic and restorative for me, and with Tender Corner, my only hope is to make my readers feel the same.

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Making Peace with Idleness

Tender Corner #6

 I have always viewed days off as something to be earned, a reward that can only be enjoyed once I finish something tangible. There’s always an overwhelming amount of guilt whenever I’m not creating something, as if all my time on earth should be spent making something in order to prove that I can be someone and that I deserve to be somewhere — whatever that meansContinue reading 

Living in Longing

Tender Corner #8
All I’ve been doing lately is missing. Missing the past and how life used to be, missing the present and imagining what could’ve been. It’s homesickness for a world that doesn’t exist anymore and a world I unknowingly romanticized because of its absence.  Continue reading 

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